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Please use the these non-partisan world news links to find out how the press on the rest of the planet perceives our country, our issues, and American involvement in global events.  Don't be satisfied with what they want you to hear.

CNN Europe.  See how the news is being reported overseas.

Click here to go to a huge network of global news sources where you can compare different stories about the same news item.

Click here to go to the BBC world news front page.

Click here to use a brand new comparison website for world news

Click here to access news stories and views that are generally inaccessable in the U.S.

Click here for current events information and hard to find facts about American involvement in worldwise events.


Over the years, we posted a link to an animation created by True Majority founder, Ben Cohen (the ice cream guy), that explains in understandable terms how the budget could be improved.   He's a food guy, so he used Oreos to show people where their money really goes and how easy it would be to change things.   It was a huge hit.   Over a million people have seen it, and it's still getting passed around today.   It also won nearly every online award in the book.   If you haven't seen it yet, click on the cookie!

 Click here to see an animated feature explaining the USA annual budget.

The 2004 Oreo animation was such a hit because people who loved it passed it on.   So share the fun, and take this opportunity to encourage your friends and family to let their congressmen and women know what they think, too.   Because we HAVE to keep letting them know what's on our minds:  Our families, our children, our jobs, our environment,  all the problems here at home.

On a sad note

Rusty passed away on 30 March 2008. We continued to give him extra fluids once every 4 days to a week right up to the end. We are sure it added time and quality to his life. Please see our update to his page @ Rusty.htm. He was a wonderfully funny and loving part of our family and we miss him very much.

But life goes on and we grow...

So far 2008 has been a good year and retirement is going well. For the first time that Steve can remember, he is keeping up with chores around the house and the nasty weeds that invaded our front and back yards two years ago. Yes, Steve has taken to slowly, weed by weed, pulling up the "flick seed" weeds that are just a little too successful at spreading. Steve is doing many other things but that is for another update to this site.

Milyn is working with her artwork and selling some in several areas. She would love to do more in every area and sell to the top markets (as I know she is worthy of) but life sends those extra activities into her life as into all of ours' it comes... (that was easy to understand). But her creative nature is undaunted and very productive - she is a wonder and life is better because of her being part of it.

Our parakeet still lives and is getting old enough to actually make some 'happy' sounds. For years we wanted to call him Screech but that seems to be passing. We hope it continues as our last parakeet made the most wonderful beeps and squeeks, rolls and whistles - time will tell.

So, we are doing well and hope all is well with you, too.

Zen hugs your way dear friends...

Milyn and Steve


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Having fun with the Hurricane crew at the local comedy club!
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Steve on his 56th birthday, 24 Feb 2008.

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